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The Perfect World by Leah Cohen

Contrive a world in which free speech inhibits every word

Support the media, where mediocrity is heard

Finance all business ventures so that profits may be tolled

Create a government for all, where free thought is controlled

Allow for publication where it channels each ideal

Encourage secret services to see how people feel

Send armies to our neighbours to protect them from themselves

Why should we keep our unemployed just idling on the shelves?

Exploit the third world countries with our multi-national core

Bring roads, schools, industry and faith they never had before

Of course, dispose of dissidents who block democracy

Dissatisfaction keeps expression from remaining free!

Deliver God back to the West, so guilt is gone from man

Religion then can guide him while ‘the new age’ forms its plan

The world will then be perfect! A utopian escape

In which one needn’t think, feel, dream- Just be a gaping ape!

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