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Life in Plastic by Charley Genever

I am not a silent poet

Dear Mom,
Your daughter is broken
A staccato in stilettos
Fifty years of mitosis and earrings and tits
Bigger tits and mascara and shit
I wish my father was Geppetto
I would rather be wood and string
Than liquid shot into a mould
Left to congeal in the cold
Over and over
Millions of me
Born perfect
Born without tongues.
The first thing we learned was that they’ll never hear us.

I’m a Barbie slut
With an absent cunt gut world
Life in plastic
It is static
You can brush my hair
Undress me everywhere
Life is artificial.

You packaged your pipedream, Mom.
Pretty in pink
A silhouette of sex
To little Jessica and Isabelle
Before they got the chance
To learn the different shapes of he and she
They saw me, the body of who they should aspire to be
I wish my father was Geppetto
I got…

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