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. boot dump .

sonja benskin mesher

location, crimea pass, blaenau ffestiniog.

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.. found information + jottings ..

then he told me of the bootdump,

the myths were true, soles of soldiers,

burned on the crimeapass.


” Boot dump. Information is currently being gathered about the boot dump at Blaenau Ffestiniog. Spoken history tells of a heap of boots (reputedly millions of boots) burning for years on the hillside outside of the town. The remains from the fire can still be seen today. The story is emerging of boots being brought to Blaenau Ffestiniog after the First World War and being sorted into those which could be repaired and those which couldn’t. The un-repairable boots were burnt.”


it is a raised bed.

nothings seems

to grow there




The Crimea Pass on the A470 is a mountain…

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segregation by Phibby Venable

I am not a silent poet

The first week of school
it was time to be chosen
to play ball.
The new girl, Rosa, stood
in the same spot,
often in the same dress
and because I was shy too,
I stood beside her
waiting to be friends,
each of us smiling,
neither of us thinking
of anything to say.
By the end of the week
my friends from the year before
weren’t speaking, either,
not to me,
not to Rosa
until the day I wanted
to play kick ball
and while I was moving
around the field,
Mary and Martha,
the blond twins, said,
we can’t play with you
if you don’t stop
standing with Rosa.
When I returned
to stand with Rosa,
her big eyes looked at me
and her dress seemed
even longer than before
but I didn’t say anything
we only smiled,
uncertain with each other.
One day she disappeared somewhere

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