We are Statistics by Ajise Vincent

I am not a silent poet


In my country,
I have seen policies
that shame economic intuitions,
defy political assertions, stupefy
Scientific reasoning but edify the
bellies of certain elders.


I have seen precepts misconstrued,
lies exalted/extoled to fit the bidding
of the piper who dictates the tune.
a tune saddled to spur depravity.


In my country ..
Tales about bombs at the vendors stand
are our source of unity.
Also peace is a luxury.


In my country ..
Due process is hiked.
Development is seen only in numbers.
Mediocrity is a deity
worshipped at the shrine of men’s conscience

We are puns spoon-fed with deceit;
marionettes dancing to the alarums of puppeteers.
alas! We are wet gunpowders
that want the fire of revolution
but resists combustibility.

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