new boots and pantisocracies

To Dream of Copper, Denotes Oppression from Those Above You in Station

after Gustavus Hindman Miller’s Dictionary of Dreams

Your dream denotes sorrow and vexation.
Some deceitful person has installed himself at the heights of prosperity.
Unhappy conditions are piled thick around you.
Enemies are circulating detrimental reports.

Your dreams are abandoned.
They are abandoned in that you will have difficulty framing your plans for future success.
Little sustenance will be eked out by your own labours.
You will suffer for another’s wild folly.

No good will come from this dream.
It foretells an event will cast a sickening fear of living around you.
You will find yourself tangled in meshes of perplexity; the victim of nervous troubles.
A withering state of things bodes no well for the dreamer.

Your dream is significant of a chronic stage.
Enemies will chase your every effort, you will suffer exasperating gloom.
Loss will…

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