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Waves by Jackie Biggs

I am not a silent poet

to fall





to escape what is


to know what is lost

is untouchable


to sense

ghosts swimming

in a veiled

shadow of fears


to breathe


taste salt



to know darkness

to stifle

in a sea of tears –

to drown

Jackie Biggs is a freelance writer, editor and poet. She has had work published on websites and in magazines and anthologies. Her first collection of poetry, The Spaces in Between will be published in autumn 2015 by Pinewood Press. Some of her poetry (and other work) appears on her blog: http://jackie-news.blogspot.co.uk
contact:  jackienews@hotmail.co.uk

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travelling by Reuben Woolley

I am not a silent poet

not here

i´ve faded

into shade ……… black-holing

under waters

i’m bleeding myself alive


…………. grasping

for this new throat

will breathe me back

from here ………i am not seen


………….& i’ll sing

the new figures

these flights of leather

faces / salt survivors

i shall remember




from splinters


soon……..i say

a sun

in a new sky

& i shall sleep

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