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.so they walked.

sonja benskin mesher

i heard on the radio.

they decided to walk.

he asked her what she had..

nothing she said, nothing.

money? nothing, nothing,
nothing. nothing.nothing.

nothing left except my girls.

i have not lost them, we hold hands,
hold hands, hold hands.

we have nothing.nothing. nothing left.

they decided to walk.holding hands,


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The Boy Who Killed Canute by Antony R. Owen

I am not a silent poet

For children like Aylan

To kings and queens who frown at dirty waves
the funeral drums of Turkish tides have rolled and
a boy who killed Canute is dead, long live the boy.

To the rich who write of rags in tabloid rags
I have seen the sad buoy of boy in mocking sun
and mirror sold for hands of filthy lifeline silver.

To leaders who follow migrant yachts of bone
in hand me down sails donated from sad folk
their breath should have been sufficient as visas,

and hear the boy you would not hark, for he spoke
in waves too blue for us to bear,  and we are breaking
upon his island of dead child and dream.

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