Daily Archives: September 17, 2015


new boots and pantisocracies

There is a bigger telling that moves around the world

In Britain, rain like newsprint the poor getting poorer something
that might have been done      was not done      and the cold no of it echoes

on site, builders     in their bright hats     digging, drilling, lifting, building
muscles flexing relaxing in Paleolithic rhythm
and shouting!      they must shout above the noise of the rain
above pneumatic pounding  and the clang of spades     opening the ground

here in Oz, sun centre-spreads      the sky’s backdrop      to our backyard bbq
radio buzzing      with stories of asylum seekers      denied asylum

the humble muscles of our tongues flake words like flint
into the afternoon words that sinter     into the tumulus     of understanding
that will be mounded over us

we know that all we have is because of mistake cellular mishaps accidents
of birth     all the taking and taking     history’s cruelties secreted in the earth


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