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Reuben Woolley

Writers for Calais Refugees


not here
i´ve faded
into shade        black-holing
under waters
i’m bleeding myself alive
for this new throat
will breathe me back
from here        i am not seen

& i’ll sing
the new figures
these flights of leather
faces / salt survivors
i shall remember

from splinters
soon i say
a sun
in a new sky
& i shall sleep

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. vitreol . by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

so you post vitreol, a highly corrosive, dense, oily liquid,
H2SO4, colorless to dark brown depending on its purity and used to manufacture a wide variety of chemicals and materials …

is that what you really think. they do indeed have mobile phones,
nice clothes, as do we all .they also have family, feelings and the right
to be.

some had family ,feelings, babies,
the right to be.

don’t you read the news, the details.

some have drowned.


black dress

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