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new boots and pantisocracies

The last forty odd years

                                  Brethren, be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil,
                      prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
            Resist him, firm in your faith. (Epistle of Peter, 5:8)

I remember the miner’s strike
though I spent most of it
squandering an industrial injuries settlement
in sunnier parts of the world.
I remember a small town in Provence
where I was living in 1984,
we went to the café one afternoon
as they were doing a whip-round for our miners
there was a hatful of cash and I was moved
almost to tears
these gnarled old guys were all on benefits
their own mine had been closed for nearly 20 years
solidarité avec les mineurs gallois.
Scarab, scarab; scab, scab.
Same year, near Cognac, Monsieur Oger,
the producteur for whom I worked
came screeching through the vineyard
to inform us cheerily that Thatcher had been…

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287. the misunderstanding

sonja benskin mesher

while standing, the realisation,
have got it wrong,
pale words a clue
in the breathing. the stone
set, left in barns.

caught the words,
hopefully in burning

thinking that the sky was clear,
wake to thundrous rain,
books tied closed
with string, broken

concentration gone,
move now one
paragraph at a time.

earth and heaven.


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