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Danielle Matthews

Writers for Calais Refugees

Humanity in Need

Divisions divide, it is in their nature
the nature of division is to split
to splinter and erect distinctions.

Separations occur as part of life
walking along separate paths
we can empathise with the tread.

Tragedy is rife inside and out
out is the tragic and in with pain
but standing alone is tragedy alone.

Spread your arms and welcome
with welcoming spirit and smiles
those brethren who need you.

I’d rather believe in love
than keep in line with hatred pushed
to splinter and divert from


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new boots and pantisocracies


You close your eyes and there they are:
dark eyed, brimming with language.
They press with languid babes-in-arms
against the railings you’ve erected
with your handfuls of nails and your
nightmarish effort. You sweat and weep
against their will to be remembered.
They fill the dirty sea of your brain
with their boats, cry out at the edge
of your imaginings, making you angry.
The island is your state of grace.
With your child and your husband
you live inside a square of time
that you painstakingly unrolled,
mended, embroidered and defined.
You can’t survive without this space.
You spend your days pacing its borders.
Now they are smuggling themselves in.
You wake to screaming and banging.
Each star is a tiny searchlight,
and you know the time has come.
You bring your husband and your child
down to the sea that whispers home.
It’s a matter of win…

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