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Girls by Samantha Hunt

I am not a silent poet

All afternoon, I watch
them from behind the blinds.
They are lying, supple-limbed;
teasing the grass.
I envy the ballerina like
Arches in their backs,
their toned arms
stretched toward the
early Autumn sun-
See, how gold the air is!
How colour smatters
their cheeks, lips;
see how I sit in the
shadows. How I cradle
my overstretched
skin and pop another
zinc- like candy
Under my tongue-
See how much better I am now,
See my dusty smile.

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. boxes .

sonja benskin mesher

it was quite a shock, that there are no boxes left.

only those of a different size, quite a shock your anger
that leapt from nowhere. of course it does not
matter.yet with that and the moon,how can one sleep.

how can one pack and tidy when things are the wrong
shape, and emotions rise.

do me a favour, and know it was a favour, looking
for boxes.

the sheds are now tidy.



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