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grasses silvering in the sun by Aad de Gids

I am not a silent poet

everything could be everything so we have to want it to be sun

not,the sun,we have to want it to be these ancient autumnal vistas

whereas all is disenchanted by commerce,Ecommerce,trafficism,a-taq

the distagging of the world as bad as the tagging tagging they did

the hood as theirs,the bloods,crips,white fence. i can not speak

of a white bellied-up doe hit by a car in the night bc all the does

are gone here,the netherlands is inmidst of a 30 oh 100 million xs

city,see the nightmap and cf. the 700,million inhabitants of two

times as small as the US,europe with twice the population. kolkata

of europe so it is hot in here and the plants and bees and does’re

all gone now. but it was a wonderful sunny autumn day the people

they seemed to take a genuine liking into each other and behind the

überpittoresque (Linwood saw it) façade…

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