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Like a Shell by Anne Marie Butler

I am not a silent poet

Adrift on a moon of seas

you are a light  in the wash of keels

a sigh in the salt wind carried by a scream

beaked by a passing gull.


Your voice is a shrew or an owl,

you are a segment of this evening’s sun

the moon in a pale grey room

playing on the patterned walls.


You are a small bird without feathers

a restless night or a complicated day

a faint light falling beneath the window.


You are strewn along the coastline

entangled in the life jackets

every  television transmission

ceding with my nerve weaving with it always.


You are the flight ticket I did not buy.

You are held in a hand clasp of  water

a three year old child in a pink striped top

never safer.


for  all  the  Children
Anne Marie Butler   © 
poetry blog : http://preselimountains.blogspot.co.uk

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Tears of Blood by Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

I am not a silent poet

hear me where ever
you may be,
let your ears be quickened,
fastened tightly
as I beckon to you.

Those tears you shed
the tears of blood
on the day fatherland
accompanied with motherland
surrendered you unwillingly to be
far away to a land unknowingly

The cloth you wore
that night before you left
the scarf with which you tied
on your long braided hair
I saw it laid on the floor at dawn
bathed, soaked, wretched with
those same tears of blood.

You forgot to journey with shoe
the shoe mama Aisha
bought with her stipend money
for you to wear on salah day
never to look frail amidst your
that shoe still lies at the entrance
weeping tears of blood.

tonight I saw mama Aisha
our own lovely mother
lying down on her sick bed
streaming life.
I wept bitterly, unhappily sad

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