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Not by Dominic Albanese

I am not a silent poet


one person
in power
or standing on
at piggly wiggly
can make a moral
legal or religious
for invading Iraq
absolute fact
any one who
voted for it
ok’d it or even
only went along to get along
at some point face
pong or kong or desperate refugees
for some of that spread freedom
as I-5 bridges falling down
as sure a sign of
decay….as….any thing
you can come up with
or say

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The Magician’s Daughter by Kittie Belltree

I am not a silent poet

He draws a silk scarf from a secret pocket in his trousers – snakes
it around wrists, splits in two, twists it taut, like her vocal chords,
places it over her eggshell eyelids, then offers his hand -white-gloved –
bowing low, he lets loose the stolen jewels lining his jacket.

She accepts, blindly – curtseying into the citrine shaft of spotlight
that slices the stage in half, then footsteps into the dead-flat box,
arranges herself -doll-like- inside, before he lays the wooden lid
to rest. Until now he has kept her for himself, hidden in the folds

of his second-best hat-box, fed on a diet of sliced tongue and pearl
cufflinks. The ritual begins before the stage door, before the audience,
the dressing room – where he inserts the knife into her velvet and feathers,
plucks her hair into tucks and tresses, places a glass slipper on her pillow –

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sonja benskin mesher

the line cut through, yet the photograph
cannot take or make a true image
of the situation. i repeat the question

no answer can ever come, now
brymbo man. some things we
shall never know, never show.

so we move on to find small treasures,
tiny birds frozen in time, dice to find a future,

to find a friend that has always been

maybe tomorrow

i shall write of brawn.


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