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A rattling bog by Debasis Mukhopadhyay

I am not a silent poet

If the big hole in the ground was just a bog
A rattling bog
And the green grass grew all around
Standing deep in the hole
The sky would forget
She was Bangladesh
The swelled walls of partition
The breath and flown off waves of cyclones
The language martyr
Awake in an open grave
A root
A rattling root
And solitude
Bathing in the hole
The big hole is still in the ground
It is where
The bones to rest
And the green grass grows all around
An old yesterday
Always lurking
A rattling Yesterday
Bangladesh everyday
If the big hole in my chest was just a blog
A rattling blog
My words soared from beneath the hole in the ground
I was anybody who would not lisp at anybody’s knees
I was anybody who loved her
And killed in return
A rattling death
Not so…

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