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Take it like a man by Natalia Spencer

I am not a silent poet

How many men will actually feel

a rectal tear

and ignore

a perpetual bloody river


How many will take their own son

to Accident and Emergency

and ask for sutures

which will never stop oozing.


How many of them

does it take to change a lightbulb

into shards?

Just one, I’ve heard.


and how many, will it take for them to be

on their knees


Lord, pluck out my eye.

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One Vet’s Lament by Dominic Albanese

I am not a silent poet

no choice
Army or Jail
OK…bad choice stealing cars any way
a couple things
known both then and now
as a prodigious reader
I already could blow holes in
some ass hat policy
called Domino Theory….never mind
Red Scare bullshit….x 900
Ok,,,so go for it….airborne,,,,full on
Ft Bragg special forces training’
Orders to Okinawa….then Vietnam
if only there had been “national service”
cleaning toilets on subway lines would have
been better
Today…..we have been my my count
involved in about 11 places we had
no reason to be
other than…a miss spent grand land we
have…and mixed message bullshit about
world police or freedom for all
while here at home….we treat each other
like enemies race gender age religion out of fucking order
signs on every corner
how bout we stop all this crap’
right fucking now
every one of sold out or self rich
shit heads running for…

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