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What True by Dominic Albanese

I am not a silent poet

worries me
all this plays
right into the
of the most dangerous
among us and them
you can bet your ass
in some military planning bunker
toy planes tanks and groups
of soldiers
are being moved round on the monopoly board
Dow Lockeheed and Mr n Mrs share holder
tent side stone age wack jobs
are using lap tops n smart phones
to get money
to plot more terror
I wonder if any or all
of current office seekers
are not berating poll takers
n master manipulators to
load lip
are we gonna stand for this
are we gonna invade?
are we both side fence sit
cause it is not life we treasure
it’s treasure we desire
scary shit dues payed
with blood
of innocent refugees
as one side
blames another….we all
get made less human

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Communion by Claire Trévien

I am not a silent poet

Le ciel se gonfle,
son ventre rempli de galets
s’affaisse contre les cornes de la ville.

C’est la fin du monde, ou, du moins,
la fin de la plupart des gens.
J’ai trouvé du vin épargné

dans des caves effondrées,
ça sent les collines arrachées.
Des raisins écrasés et murit pour.

mon plaisir. Leurs doigts non-rémunérés
se mélangent maintenant aux vignes
alors que le vin coule dans ma gorge.

Bouteilles brisées, ciel brisé:
une pluie rouge s’extirpe d’un monde périmé.
J’ouvre la bouche pour ma communion.

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Teach Peace by Myriam San Marco

I am not a silent poet

When they came for Africa
Don’t say they’re only animals
Teach peace
When they came for the Jews
Don’t say they deserved it
Teach peace
When they came for the queers
Don’t say God has judged them
Teach peace
When they came for the Twin Towers
Don’t say Let’s bomb the fuck out them
Teach peace
When they came for London
Don’t say we know they have WMD
Teach peace
When they came for Paris
Don’t say we’ll destroy Syria
Teach peace
When they come for the children
Fight fight fight to the end
and Teach peace
teach peace

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In the name of this or that Father by David Urwin

I am not a silent poet

In the name of the Father, the Son,

the Buddha and Allah

let us spray

the spittle of our hatred

on those who disbelieve our truth,

who refuse to follow our system;

and let us rain on them

a hail of bullets,

a desolation of bombs,

rape their women,

poison their fields

and breed deformed orphans

out of the dead land;

for ours is the assault rifle

and the kingdom,

the temporary power

and the illusory glory,

Paradise hereafter.

In the name of

 this or that Lord


this or that Holy Spirit.




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In The Name Of by Adam Horovitz

I am not a silent poet

Fuck death, and the unforgiving
slighted sightlessness of death
in the name of, in the name of.
In the name of what?
In the name of a god? What
use gods that demand
death in the name of?
Fuck dying. Fuck the relentless
useless ubiquity of dying
in the name of, in the name of.
What name is it this time?
The name of a god? Whose
god truly demands
death in the name of?
Fuck people. Fuck those few
pathetic people who call down death
in the name of, in the name of.
In the name of Kalashnikov?
In the name of oilbombsafetycatch?
In the name of watchoutthey’recomingtogetyou?
Fuck death in the name of.
Praise life, the sweet, extravagant
endless vitalities of life
in the name of, in the name of.
In the name of everything.

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The Statue of Liberty was made in France by Marc Woodward

I am not a silent poet

Two Frenchman made
‘Liberty enlightening the world’
her right hand raised
with a blazing torch.
At her feet: broken chains.
Below her left arm: a tablet of laws.
Not a Bible
Not a Koran
Not a Torah.

Liberty in this sad night
show us rational law
shine your freedom light
and help cast off
all chains of hatred,
poverty, religion and fear.

I call you in the names of Eiffel, Bartholdi,
and all proud Frenchmen living secular and free

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Friday the 13th by Dominic Albanese

I am not a silent poet

o Paris
madness abound
death for religion
power or
money or wack back to times
crusaders vs Suliman his gang
of this day is unlucky
was King Charlie….I am pretty sure
who wiggle out of
paying bills due to Knights Templar
a age or two ago
no body
needs history lessons
as we weep
human brutality…..how big a score
till we
all rise up
enough is enough now or
till we are no more

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