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the overdisney lobsterlonging by Aad de Gids

I am not a silent poet

the overdisney lobsterlonging for falling in an unforeseen
situation. homicide by suicide. what one situation seemed,
appeared to be many. the scatterdness of all became topic as
well as trajectory. all the domains flew into each other. it
is there but then also here. there are no continents anymore.
incontinents. neopostpangaea. the continental drift is webbed
together by informational ecology and archipelagoing. now
WWIII has begun. yet all seems to be against all. connected
all with all. DNA in a thumb identifies a terrorist. family
is dumbfounded. that little baby was standing fucking shooting.
luckily he blew himself to smithereens or that was also the
homicide. Paris was in chaos but with these hyperurbane mega
complexes all already is always in chaos. yet the definition
of a fridaynight leisure spray of activities could still be
used before,and then not anylonger after,a certain time. now.
a lightbulb bursted and everyone fled…

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:: mark four . four ::

sonja benskin mesher


friday can be thirteen,

or something else entirely.

is it memory, history,

some                  thing.

he titled it profanity, the


so we write,      critique,

move dots and numbers.

deal with the outcrops,

note the                 faith.

friday can be thirteen,

or something else




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