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Paris at night

debasis mukhopadhyay

Paris at night published in I am not a silent poet.

Quite a few beautiful poems on Friday the 13th have recently appeared and still appearing in this magazine for reactive/response/witness poems & artworks published from Europe (U.K. & Spain). IANASP will be one year old by the end of this month. Just under a year the zine has got 3119 members and 47,721 hits! Let’s keep the good work! And thanks Reuben Woolley!

Paris at night

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We Pity Them by George Szirtes

I am not a silent poet

We are
concerned, of course,
mortified even, but
we wouldn’t want them near us as
things stand.

They are
Their wishes and desires
are wrong. They’re a potential

Let them
talk to the right
professionals. Let them
talk through their unfitness for us,
for life.

Once they
are no longer
themselves we will love them
the way we consider they should
be loved.

we can’t love them
the way they are let them
talk through how they might be more what
we love.

We want
them to be safe
and happy the way we
want them to be safe and happy.
Like that.

with a little
adjustment they would be
perfectly useful citizens,
not dead.

Let them
talk and be like
us by talking the way
we talk about ourselves to each

We feel
pity for them.
That is noble of us.
It is to…

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Syrian Children Sleeping in your Newsfeed by Lucy Furlong

I am not a silent poet

The last day to register to vote: make sure you still have a voice for a bit of bargain Friday fun. Animal photos of 2015 risk revealed in free live webinar, the few fleeing journalists who get the project, can stop diy butter where Syrian children are sleeping.

Teargas is being sold well, worth supporting. My water cannon video is now live. The gun not there, a guilty shit captain, the baby elephant emptied his rifle into a schoolgirl. People, who act like a puppy would never wear dentures, approve genetically modified salmon for carer’s food today, stuck between your throat where Syrian children are sleeping.

Sinking stomach, hit by surprise premature ageing – is he pregnant or just old-fashioned? Did you get a feeling something like entirely typical weather? Every time you share this picture of a homophobic person, make sure it isn’t you! This Friday 1.9 million trans…

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Paris at Night by Debasis Mukhopadhyay

I am not a silent poet

Three matches lit one by one in the night
The first to see your face in its entirety
The second to see your eyes
The last to see your mouth
At Bataclan around 9.45 p.m. they opened fire
They were surprised at how quick we dropped
They reloaded just three times
The music all around reminded them of our
As they took a few follow-up shots on our heads
And we were all quiet after that
But our corpses are still rolling
And kill them again if they ever stop rolling
*The fragment in italics used in the beginning of the poem is from Jacques Prévert’s Parole.
Debasis Mukhopadhyay is a poet from Montreal. His poems have appeared most recently in over a dozen literary magazines such as Yellow Chair Review, Thirteen Myna Birds, With Painted Words (U.K.), Of/With, I am not a…

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1910. gelligemlyn.

sonja benskin mesher

road works have been there some time,
you came through before your diagnosis.

did you see the copper beech at gelligemlyn
where the house is for sale. i saw it yesterday,
as if it had never been. from the mist inside
it grew, leaves hanging a fragile thread. tudor
lace in air, few leaves fell. the light turned green.

we drove on our way, i have no photograph.



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