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. the rain pours .

sonja benskin mesher

at sea, it is a squall. i watched

a programme all about dream fish.

we need none.

we have dreamed a while, made a little

garden house, while mrs ciano is safe indooors.

cosy, she is by the old books

of course.

where else would she be,

still the rain pours, a draught

at the window.



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Here on the Screen/Out in the World by Nick Cooke

I am not a silent poet

Here on the screen, it’s Hallowe’en

cum Bonfire Night, and the flames

are sumptuous, celebratory, ubiquitous.

Tiny witches hold up sparklers

and stalwart lanterns, brutally carved,

play out their part and keep on grinning.


Out in the world Indonesia

is burning harder than Satan’s lake

and toddlers choke to death on fumes

they can’t identify, so do not fear.

Peace be to those who go ignorant,

noses twitching, eyes closing.


Here on the screen all the stars have been

buzzing across the scarlet rug

at the premiere of Spectre, where

the only ghost is called Reality.

The hero steps from his limousine;

one wag calls out, Is it bulletproof?


Out in the world Mr Morgan Freeman

has set up his own bee-farm, learning

another craft at the age of 77.

Saviours of the world, settle on his glove,

infuse him with your honeyed respect

and multiply in…

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