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.. anna .. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

don’t know how to write of you,
no faith. you are another
country, an others’ world, away.
daily, each one a son,
a daughter, creation does not
one above the other.
speak those words, templar, that i cannot say.
another time, another place.

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Femen by Andrew Scotson

I am not a silent poet

Finger depresses the key,
send …
with a deep breath
Facebook finds and
then reveals to a waiting
world, our young woman,
centre stage.

Reclined on leather,
scarlet lips, black eyeliner,
tanned skin, thin, half naked,
cigarette held in that
oh so disregarded French
actress pose,
in black Arabic letters
across her breathing

“my body belongs to me,
it is not the source of
anyone’s honour”

Tunisia awakes,
eyes blinking as the message sparks,
Islamic men march,
stone her, lash her,
angry faces behind furious beards.

Screaming against freedom
as one girl reclaims
her birth right and body,
grasping back ownership
of a beating heart.

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.. reading three ..

sonja benskin mesher

there is  a need to pace about, wave the paper,

move the arms. need to pause and       counter

act. if this reading thing                      will work.

maybe moving eliminates the standing       still,

precisely that  leads to a self concious       pose.

the need to read is ready. rehearsals held each day

focus                                                     on the oak tree.

alongside reading then, is a little light excercise

plus a method of solidarity.



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