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Means to an End by Sarah James

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Forty years ago, I was a miracle
created in their test tube; no choice
of eye, hair or face colour.

Touch their new orchids and pollen
yellows fingers. Lift a stalk, I’d swear
it weeps sap. The one give-away

is when I pull a petal, and silk
comes loose, unbruised. Short-sighted,
I watch Extant’s sci-fi future

through the specs I need to see unblurred,
on a mobile that rests as flat and snug
in my hand as if it were my palm.

Imagine soon a robot best friend,
eyes that magnify and x-ray,
legs powered at twice-light-speed…

We could walk for miles and miles
beyond the Google-mapped globe
to anywhere invention leads us.

But how will we know the world’s end
before we reach it?


Sarah James is a prize-winning poet, fiction writer and journalist. Her latest collection is plenty-fish (Nine Arches Press, 2015) and her 2015 Overton…

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:: Mark.4.4 :: by Sonja Benskin Mesher

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky


friday can be thirteen,
or something else entirely.

is it memory, history,
some                  thing.

he titled it profanity, the

so we write,      critique,
move dots and numbers.

deal with the outcrops,
note the                 faith.

friday can be thirteen,
or something else


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.. boxes .. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

it was quite a shock, that there are no boxes left.

only those of a different size, quite a shock your anger that leapt from nowhere. of course it does not matter.yet with that and the moon,how can one sleep.

how can one pack and tidy when things are the wrong shape, and emotions rise.

do me a favour, and know it was a favour, looking for boxes.

the sheds are now tidy.


I am a painter who writes, a writer that paints, a drawer on life, and landscape. … Watch me make things. Am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can’t say multi disciplinary. Easily I live here, in Wales Easily

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All about a lunar grapefruit

debasis mukhopadhyay

Poem with a lunar grapefruit published in The Curly Mind (Issue 1, December 2015), a new blogzine (UK) for innovative, weird & risky poetry (December 6, 2015).

I’m really honored to have my work in the inaugural issue of this great publication of experimental poetry, alongside authors like Jerome Rothernberg.  Big thanks to the Editor Reuben Woolley.

Poem with a lunar grapefruit

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Can you Tell me the Full Moon Names? by Geraldine Green

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Wolf moon, Snow moon, Worm and Pink.

And can you tell me again

the names of the moon at its full,

now I mean this December?

Pink, Flower, Strawberry and Buck

and when is the Sturgeon, Harvest

and Hunter? August, September

and October, when fields have been reaped

and harvest has is over.

November, the Beaver

before swamps freeze land and water,

frosty and cold before December

when long nights set in,

the moon before Yule

and always an extra moon

is needed.

the blue moon,

the fourth moon.

My moon is red-grained and Green Corn.

Yours is the Worm moon when ice is melting

and the cawing of crows calls spring to its table

when time is ripe for tapping the maple.

Now is December the cold moon, the blue

but light will soon lengthen,

when the Wolf moon is howling

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