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Aldeburgh going

Damn right!

Anthony Wilson


‘Which is why Aldeburgh going is such a disaster. It took years to achieve what they did, years. Of slog, mail outs, and driving miles just to see one teacher to persuade them to come to a workshop. And then get their kids to enter the competition. A whole culture. Gone, overnight. Think of the literally millions of conversations that Aldeburgh spawned. Poet to poet, poet to reader, reader to poet, reader to reader. Publisher to reader. I know this is not what you had in mind, but essentially Aldeburgh was the pedagogy of social interaction. ‘This is how you do it,’ they said. ‘This is how it is done,’ ‘This is how you treat people.’ They were teaching us. Putting great people together in the same room together, expecting the best of them, and encouraging those conversations to flourish. That’s why people went back there, that’s why the poets…

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