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My Country, My Country by Julia Webb

I am not a silent poet

Dear Country,

I have always been embarrassed by your lack of conviction, meaning can be found everywhere if you look hard enough. I have unchained myself from your belief systems but I can’t unchain myself from the weight of our shared past.

Dear Country,

What you hold dear seems a little off kilter sometimes. People fall for your
charms without understanding that you are all surface. Hold a mirror to a mirror and what do you get?

Dear Country,

I could say that you are going to the dogs but I don’t believe in clichés.

Dear Country,

Some days I walk ten paces behind you in the street and pretend that we are not related.

Dear Country,

Simply, no.

Dear Country,

I admit that I am part of the big SO WHAT. These days you show me only your snarly face and I am afraid I don’t much like it.

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Bright side of the earth

debasis mukhopadhyay

Bright side of the earth published in I am not a silent poet (December 30, 2015). This is perhaps my last publication of 2015. Again I feel proud to be a contributor of IANASP. This new blogzine has certainly found a niche with 45, 000 views in 2015. Congratulations to the crusading editor Reuben Woolley and to all my fellow contributors!

Bright side of the earth


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