Bunch of Migrants by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

“They met with a bunch of migrants in Calais, they said they could all come to Britain”

David Cameron


I have seen a bunch of tulips bow in a sea of petals

and placed them in my wheelie bin on top of dead grass

but I’ve never seen a bunch of migrants where I live.


I have seen as a child polluted stars above Calais

and they still looked beautiful in the black lace sky

I heard the weavers used to sell them in bunches.


I have seen cancer grow in bunches on a friends breast

but never saw a bunch of migrants outside hospital

and when cancer waited at the gate they both left at will.


I have begged a bunch of lads not to kick my head in

and when they did I ripped bunches of condemned grass

that now houses bunches and bunches…

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