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International Women’s Day by Rang-Zeb Rango Hussain

I am not a silent poet

International Women’s Day,
Let it be a day of celebration and hope,
of peace and life,
and of real love that knows
no borders, race, or creed,
A day of humanity, charity, and friendship,
Let it not be a day of regret,
sadness, or broken bones.

Sorry Mom

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:: women of dolgellau :: by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

women of everywhere,

help each other, talk clearly,

and predict the state of the sea.

women of dolgellau, are strong,

define them selves, the problems,

and rip off eye brows

no charge for counselling,

only for beauty.

leaving the company,

we then find the men,

who joke and ask kindly,

and work readily.

smiling as we pass on by,

in life, talking

the same language.

i bought the soldiers,

have  put them in a box,



(reposted for women’s day)

IntWomen's Day

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loose woman song by Magi Gibson

I am not a silent poet

Don’t break my toes and bind my feet

to mark my femininity –

I’d rather have feet big enough

to kick against such sad misogyny.

Don’t truss me in a bible-belt

of narrow-minded chastity.

Don’t lace me in a corset

of dutiful conformity.

Don’t weigh me down with golden rings,

don’t chain me to the kitchen sink

for I’ve a brain that needs to think –

so keep your drudgery.

Don’t make me wear my hair tied tight

but let its wildness flow.

Don’t veil my face, don’t hide my light,

my fire, my spark, my glow.

Don’t hem me in with prejudice

but let me breathe and grow

strong and graceful

as a swan, wise

as the moon.

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