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Reading period for Issue 3

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The reading period for Issue 3 is open till midnight on April 3rd. Please send your best and curliest submissions to me at: reubenwoolley52@gmail.com. I’d be grateful if you would put your name and Curly Mind in the email title as follows: Poet’sNameCurlyMindsubmission.

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Parcelled by Valerie Morton

I am not a silent poet

She wraps her nights in layers,

hides tender skin

and packs her tears

between white tissue.

It starts small – ribbons laced

round wayward slaps

that avoid her flawless face.

She breaks manicured nails

camouflaging its cargo

of burns and bruises,

scarves her neck

concealing fingerprints.

Until it’s too massive to manage,

too painful to contemplate –

noosed so tightly

she’s unable to breathe.


Valerie Morton’s poems have appeared in a number of magazines, online, and have won or been placed in competitions. She has an OU Degree including Creative Writing and has taught CW at a mental health charity. Valerie is a member of Ver Poets, hosts workshops at her home and from January 2016 has been Poet in Residence at the Clinton-Baker Pinetum in Hertfordshire. Her first collection Mango Tree was published by Indigo Dreams in 2013 and her second Handprints in 2015 by the same publisher.

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earth and heaven

sonja benskin mesher

‘though i do not think there is one’ says the bear. the bear is taking up a lot of room today.

‘tell me about the earth please?’

look it has layers, bone and blood, yet there are seeds for growth. some fear endearment,

while others do not.

‘why the blood’

old wounds, yet there is more in some places. i have seen the hill of the dying,

it is over the mountain.

‘how sad, may i go see, please?

yes bear, now shall we talk of puffy clouds and small faces?



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