A Poem From the Perspective of Tom Jones by Scott Redmond

I am not a silent poet

I am a God amongst men,

Although let’s be honest;

Being a God amongst men is like

Being head lifeguard at a fireworks factory.

It’s a nice title to have, but means nothing.

I would rather be a God amongst almost any other species.


Spiders create such intricate art with their anuses,

And have to be much more creative

When designing trousers.

“More legs than sense, my mother, the spider, used to say but look at me now

A God amongst spiders” I would say.

But no.

I am stuck as a God amongst men.

Tom Jones.

God amongst men.


The kind of species that can name more serial killers

Than scientists,

That you could only find light inside

If we were using torches as dildos,

I am a God amongst men,

I would say a leading light,

But I still have the torch dildo image in my…

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