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Ordinary Joe by Magi Gibson

I am not a silent poet

Let me show you Ordinary Joe,

Ordinary Joe’s a dog of war

(once he was your father’s twin

once he was your sister’s son

once he was the boy next door).

Ordinary Joe’s a dog of war

barking mad, ordinary mad,

see him howling at the moon

purple swollen as a bruise

see him snarl and growl and roar.

Ordinary Joe’s a dog of war,

he grows fur beneath his skin,

sprouts curled claws on foot and fist,

he knows fangs within his jaw,

tastes warm blood upon his lips.

Ordinary Joe’s a dog of war!

See him mark the land as his,

pissing bullets where he will,

shitting death with mortar shells

ever thirsting for the kill.

Ordinary Joe runs with the pack –

Joe’s a lad, he loves to fuck,

loves to rut, loves to strut.

He fucks bitches when he can,

fucks their futures, fucks them up.

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