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People Today by Ian Rusetear

I am not a silent poet

The trouble with people today
The real reason
Their faces are creasing
Not realising
We have two ears ‘n’ one mouth for a reason

So eager to profess
That which I dare not digest
The suit, the hair, the dress
Shrouds couldn’t care less

The people with trouble today
Reasonably real
Creasing their faces
Selfish dead spirits
With arrogance that amaze us

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Remembering Víctor Jara, 11 September 2013 by Mandy Macdonald

I am not a silent poet

my second son was twelve days old when the terror

broke              poisoned surf sown with nails

on your shoreline of tricolour ribbon

& I was marvelling at the blueness of his eyes

while they were dying there

blood banners flying on the wind from Valparaíso

forty years on, words still recoil, stick

half way

love & grief

cannot drown out the howl of blood

love & anger

cannot sweep away the red sand

cannot unchoke a throat crammed & clotted with music


there are those who say

it turned out all right in the end

& there are those who say

forty years on

there is still no justice for the dead unfound

for the lives unwound

& there are those who say

forty years on

Víctor is more alive than ever

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