Ancillary by Nick Cooke

I am not a silent poet

He say I no good

cant clean right am lazy like

all the rest of them

I got one hoover

made in the nineteeneighties

to do 7 floors

& they make me do

work of two people after

my friend Rosa went

but for same money

& only 4 hours a day

to get all finished

& if I miss out

1 toilet or rubbish bin

he go round & check

& he tick his list

on 1 of them stupid boards

like think he real boss

when he not even

the proper supervisor

who work in Bedford

& call him twice day

to ask about all his list

& bloody liar

he tell her I need

constant vigilance he says

but it’s him need it

otherwise he just

read paper in his office

going on about

bleedin immigrants

fuckin suicide bombers

should just go back home

& blow people…

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