Book Review: Bastards had the Whole Hill Mined by Dominic Albanese

Very good review of Dominic’s book!

Shotgun Logic

CoverPaperback: 77 Pages
Publisher: Les Editions du Zaporogue

BASTARDS HAD THE WHOLE HILL MINED Synopsis: In this collection, Dominic Albanese recalls the hell of Vietnam in poignant, vivid and sometimes humorous pieces. A patchwork of pain and lucidity, these poems are a vibrant hymn to peace and a condemnation of human greed and stupidity.

If you’re here looking for something along the lines of, “I think that I shall never see/a poem as lovely as a tree..,” then go away. This ain’t a fucking tree and it damn sure isn’t lovely. It’s hardcore brutal honesty, gritty and raw and disturbing and, while it may not be lovely, it’s a thing of extremely poignant beauty.

I came across this book in a roundabout and unintentional fashion. To be honest, since I started this blog, fortune has tended to smile on me and a great number of the books I’ve had…

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