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Angelus Novus by Michelle Reale

I am not a silent poet

This storm is what we call progress.
—Walter Benjamin

This smile is a surrogate for my grimace
neatly folded and tucked away beneath gold plated

emotion. Rub it and it flakes. I am calming cobalt
blue, talking its bright and intense visage off the

ledge while I command: show yourself. Your mother is
on a distant shore, she who abandoned me, she who gifted

me gemstones I was destined never to wear. And I am left to
wonder if they buried your father in his military epaulets

after all. Have they rubbed my name from the memorial
one of his loving daughters? One single catastrophe and then

the seismic convulsions and worst-case scenarios present
themselves. How many dialects of silence are spoken here?

The blood rubies mined and sold to those who could pay for them
still shone, while I slipped the small decorative shells from the Chinese

restaurant into…

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A Fractured Ghazal for Al-Sharif by John Mackie

I am not a silent poet

in the emergency medicine
chronic assessment unit I lie

hooked up to oxygen, drip
and monitors, self pitying sigh

oh my pain but I am safe
nobody here will just let me die

in this video clip, al-Sharif, down,
prone, moves, flickers an eye

then a medic from the IDF
shoots him in the head. no alibi

in the ironic shadow of an ambulance
beneath an Israeli settler sky

d’you see how the ribbons of blood
thicken with the dust of a street that dry?

guttural shouts come from a cloud
of indifference, soldiers, drivers, passers by

a message in a text wishing me peace
I knew her violent, drunkenly high

peace? as two thousand miles away
the brain drips out of that murdered guy

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the garderobe

sonja benskin mesher

he admitted it was not working properly,

yet they still bowed thier heads and said it.

have they thought of changing it all,   back

to basics. we fear it is to late, it has all been

going on so long.                      too many of us.

he gave his opinion which seems disloyal, yet

they had polished the floor, which

placed the garderobe off limits.



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