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Hypocrite by Glen Still

I am not a silent poet

Teach me how to desire
Fabulously acquire
Whatever mineral moneymakers
Are chasing
Teach me how to lie

Mold my mind
Shape it like putty
Make me a slave
Until I cloud reason
With myth and fabrication
Teach me how to recite
Like a clone
Like a robot
Design my mode of life
Make me just like you

Without an original thought

Pour my substance
Into a coma
Drink it while your black magic
Envelopes me
Send me to the eclipse
Of heaven

Lie to me
Into the imperfect delusion

Instruct me
How to become the best hypocrite
Steal my charisma
Inject it into your veins

Make me in your image
Helplessly sick
In need of a doctor
Who will pill me to death
Tell me x is z
Lie to my face
Until I crave it
Comfort me with a false diagnosis

Teach me…

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So it Seems by Dominic Albanese

I am not a silent poet

the live in mom”s
basement gang
has made
it official
Hillary hired some hackers
get into their most private sections
n expose Bernie supporters as
wankers…..assorted strands of
pasta are now linked …..to DNA
cows cross roads only
when they have a chance to
get run over by
all this just at 7 AM
desperately need a new
hobby…..page scrolling has
taken its toll on

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Lament for the Girl of the Morning Sea by Rob Cullen

I am not a silent poet

A premonition of merciful peace has emerged
In the morning of this day.

And as if in agreement
Your hand opens to the waves.
In a movement of gratitude,
A moment of quiet acceptance.
I have heard you sing
To the waves crests,
Rise, rise from your depths
Rid me of all pain
I am alone wash over me.

In this bright early hour
You are at once transformed.
Peace adorns you,
Rests on your face.
I have seen you whisper
To the open sky
Touch me, cleanse me
Rid me of all fear.
I am alone wash over me.

Your hair hangs tangled
Stiffly on your eyes,
Green-water droplets
Trickle to your lips.
Your fingers grasp
The waters edge.
The shoreline pierces you,
Welcomes you, calls to you.
I am alone wash over me.

And you lying unseen
A curved silken spine
Broken by spite
The savagery of indifference

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