4-15-16 by Dominic Albanese

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

wanna know a not so secret secret?
all this
crime bill bank bill over the
Monica an Bill
not a bit
of it
amounts to shit
here my dear
what is popping…hopping in dog bone trash bin
at any cost win……
we have to know they will
destroy any
clear…..not spun…half done
chicken little n Henny Penny
got nothing on
this bill that allowed Radio and TV
stations to own news papers
n control the flow
have it go
not where it should
but were it could
ya…confused not amused
and of all the hand wring
bell ring …badda bing
bout…this snail darter that spotted owl
as population control is not
so much kill ya
just dull ya to the point
of o well…..
funny as a fart in a space suit
da fat boy

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