A View of Cattle by Jonathan Beale

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

I used to watch them
Those characters, just cattle?
Drifting along
One – by- one.
…as if in a David Lean
movie.  Against some
vast background
an ocean in which
only they could exist.
Some sat, some curled,
as statuesque in the rain.
The blindness of the cattle
Unapparent from the
cinematic distance.
These base grasses
in their greenness,
An apparent perfection.
As they take a day
and chew through it –
Musing on and musing
on.  The daily notes
Whistled from
Another or another place
the air is the same
they breathe
as you or I breathe.
From the lines that
lead back to the

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