Flakes by Iain Britton

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

each summer the same paddock

liquefies into pools /          the same family

cuts its livelihood from the soil

……..(i belong here)

i flick off flakes of history /         a virgin

……..appears incandescently

under a tree / she shimmers amongst leaves /

the family place flowers at her feet

for her to eat /           each summer

…….i live in this unaltered state /

i come here / a tattooed youth

muscles thinly packaged /        my body paint

glistening / the picture never changes / magpies

dig at wheat /      at grubs /      they follow night’s

shadows /     they squabble & tear up strips

of dark glossy paper / i turn away /       & the world’s

window cracks

Work has recently been published by Litmus Publishing, Blackbox Manifold, Molly Bloom (UK) E.ratio, Free Verse, Harvard Review (US) Cordite, Contrappasso (Aust). More poems have just been published or are forthcoming with…

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