“from among the smocks of earlier centuries, footless at first, they used to chant” by Mark Leahy

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Takes one up and who, having examined it through the lens, motions, noting in her collection there was a male écorché (based on a Rodin) which stood to one side giving the bare outline as if distracted by an unspoken minute feature inlaid with a variety of exotic materials, shagreen, ostrich shell, emboyna wood, and still it runs much deeper, below the topsoil, below the deepest tree roots for a while on a sunny bank with a thick covering of moss scattered across the surface their trajectories traced a random pattern reminiscent of a year-round funicular system or, as the needle of nature in creating curiousities densely packed and padded and later tidied up the cast-offs, his sense of purpose had finished shaving him, he rinsed neither fur, nor wool, nor bristles, but a Norwegian pullover with a design of circles and as soon as he was sure he’d heard…

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