Jesus and Other Outlaws of Reason by Steve Sibra

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Real Men love Jesus

Jesus loves the Beatles

cold beer at the nursing home

fish shaped turds fumbled carelessly

on the fifty yard line

pass-out pantomime of a doorknob pulling a tooth

pockets filled with Vicodin & antibiotics of many colors

and a casket that floats even

when the waters are rough and the sky bleeds mud.

Ghosts of the summer heat

Peel up off the black pavement

Eastern Montana country roads where the gophers

are pressed flat and still in love with the sky.

Everything is bigger when seen through a mirage

and of course the Lord has his fist full of silver

ready to pay all debts to the whores and lenders

And take out a hit on the Easter Bunny

Lose the fight but win the war

How many calories

are in a bite of Jesus anyway?

If the sinners get any fatter

The moon will wink…

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