Meanwhile Standing Water and Covered in a Cloak of Darkness by Steve Sibra

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

The minister’s daughters are naked

they sparkle

like ice cream cones sprinkled with fresh grass clippings

They gallop into the kitchen for flapjacks and hot buttered rum

San Francisco Style

Boggle the ricochet batter

flips, nips and knapsacks in the pan

lap the splatter from the walls

bare back prayer rack

“The words of Jesus are printed in red” they call out

Hillbilly savior sings into a can

then bare ass on the table with contents

sit wide with a hotcake on each thigh

cracked into the breeze

it’s a natural high, but wait

Boss Man has a couple of last licks

polish up the horse tack

ransack the peppermint sticks

Following pup protocol

scissors treatment for fools behind the wheel

at this time of night?  Get real

busy with the daughters as they start to pop

Honest report?  Or just jackstrop

with no jockstrap to ride a wing and…

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