Transliteration of French translation of Corso’s Notes after Blacking out by Rhys Trimble

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

wood serried dame of cul de sac

mode jet have refused all ends

in autoeroticism

in bed man-mince know a ham

is resting close to me


vain & non verb signification

on can call the end

i need to know your answer

poetry is seeking impasse

joy knows repose exists

death knows repose exists

(that pale other in the venturing light

is a deathcell debutant in repose

rain Cyclops resembles young doormat

is necessary )

old gerontian envies their know-how

they adjourn without cessation

on such masonry is forbidden

partly auteur of truth is nowt

& the same is vital to nothing

& fronds

it’s nowt, zero

nothing is always

nothing is a free house

nothing comes in the planetarium

luminous and salvaged

nothing in repose, numberless reigns the king of nowt

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