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Round One by Ron Savory

I am not a silent poet

Catherine knew the signs

She stayed upstairs, hidden out of the way

That night she knew that all her friends

Had gone off leaving her alone

Whatever she did, she knew he would be disappointed

It would never be enough

First he pinned her against the door

He took the cigarette from his lips

And stabbed her with it, laughing

Her head started to spin

Out of control she knew

It was important to keep going

If she stopped he would be back

Would wheel out the same excuse

Realising her mistake

She vowed never again

Wishing that Guy had not bothered

To light up her sky

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He Loved Me by Cath Campbell

I am not a silent poet

The first time he loved me
was in the park down the road
from me mam’s.
It was a kiss of a different kind,
one that left a bruise
on me cheek.
I love you so much, he said
as he wiped our eyes
with his thumb,
I’ll marry you. I’ll be yours.
We’ll be happy and in love,
The next time was after we wed,
in a fancy hotel suite
in Scarborough.
I wore long sleeves that week.
Even though it was hot,
I was cold.
He loved me a lot, after that.
He said so, every time,
and he cried.
The last time he loved me
was in the kitchen by the door.
I couldn’t breath.
And as the light faded, a thought
so clear it shocked me
to the core.
I didn’t want to be loved by him

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Weight of Memory by Chella Courington

I am not a silent poet

Bombs were falling on Vietnam

like hard rain over my garden. July

peas gave their first growth for canning

and my cousin Jim left for boot camp.

Thirty years later, I stare at photographs

of Iraqi prisoners, most my cousin’s age,

hooded and stripped, stacked in a pyramid.

An American soldier teeters on top,

someone’s daughter and already fatigued.

Like Jim, she’ll never come back, not really—

not the girl with half-shut eyes splitting threads

of a baseball, knocking it beyond bleachers

into a galaxy of spitting stars, hot

and nameless, too new for the Milky Way.

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