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A Lot of New in the Storm Roar byAdrian’dos Delima

I am not a silent poet

these past
20 years
have been trouble-free at the supermarket
you came out with a full cart
you who have less than 30 and
notice now
there’s anything wrong
now right now
this awakened you

and you who have greater age
you slept softly and woke up
in this lifetime
without remembering the past life when
it was necessary to carry
in a day a sack of money
one day later a full trailer

and I woke up and saw
many towing your life
by a large progress
that passed on
a smashed nature

16 05 2016


estes últimos
20 anos
foram tranquilos no supermercado
você saía com um carrinho cheio
você que tem menos de 30 e
percebe agora
há algo de errado
agora agorinha
isto o despertou

e você que tem mais idade
dormiu suavemente e acordou
nesta vida
sem lembrar…

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