Poems for People who Never Read them by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

If I was clever enough I would write a poem about poetry
and watch snowflakes cover footprints of half bent jobseekers
blowing their unemployed breaths into the Coventry moon.

If I was clever enough I would add important letters after my name
and ask a surgeon from Damascus “Why are you cleaning in ASDA”?
He tells me he is blessed and I see his face in my wiped away footprints.

If I was arsed enough I could sip a Wheatgrass latte in Kensington and
launch a collection of poetry on why I love Wheatgrass latte so much
called Why I Love Winter and Wheatgrass Latte (so much).

If I was loaded I’d post Princess Charlotte a rattle made of blood diamonds
and invite her Granny to my book launch at the Koh-I-Noor takeaway,
the surgeon from Damascus could photo bomb the money shot.

If I was British enough I would…

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