Take-a-Break stays on the shelf by Sarah L Dixon

I am not a silent poet

A regular purchase with holiday coins,

counted out six times.

“As I was giving birth my Chris was cheating with a GRANNY!”

At first

I ignored the articles,

looking only for squares to fill,

words to search,


amongst the unacknowledged problems.

Finding a chance to win

“My hubby’s other woman was my TWIN!”

After two decades

relishing the misery

of others.

Vowing to never sell my story

to ravenous eyes

blurred with false emotion.

“Mum left so Daddy made ME his wife!”

Empathy dulled

by the recording of trauma

within glossy pages

in pillar-box red and forest green.

An assault of fonts!

And always that exclamation mark

and capitalised WORD!

I helped make this:

“Britain’s BIGGEST selling women’s magazine!”

How did photos of horrific injury,

dog bites, reactions to hair dye

and domestic abuse

became one of my holiday traditions?


Brief Bio: Sarah L Dixon has toured as…

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