no amnesiac — i remember by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

i dodged the science of death, today: a crowd amassed in the barbarian’s garden, full of people pinning the word marvelous to his face, transfixed, the elder’s squint. i dodged the silence of death today, that is no silence, but a city of faces risen, receding, the flash of dolphins beneath human betrayal. the bridge where the human fences inhumanity narrows, stitched of lace: lace formed of gut & flesh & what is that, there? superheroes in grand armor, the ideals of fascists bright, bright, dullard heads. i dodged, death came, anyway, sucking ice cream sundaes through its esophageal straw, lingering outside the funeral home where Jesus & Buddha are viewed, gutted dreamer, dreamers, lining the welcome mat. i am no amnesiac, i remember the frog when i was three; the turtle, the red numeral seven painted on its shell, when i was eight — found within the radiator, a…

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