Passing the Baton by Nick Cooke

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

There’s some serious shit going down.

You need to keep your mind as clear
as a dolphin’s rear end


Learn to look over your shoulder
without moving your noggin an inch
and tune your lugs so tight
they can hear a pin before it drops

If you think you got a mate
his real name’s probably Judas

Be ready to do what’s required –
I got the rope, you find the tree

There’s some heavy crap in the air.

You need to peel your own eyeballs
with a switchblade

Get it?

Trust your instincts like brothers

Cut out the middlemen
of reflection and doubt

Rationalisation is vastly-overrated –
nothing wrong with animal cunning –
whoever calls it low ought to
get down in the dirt with me
and shoot their own high horse

There’s some mega-sized turds on the doorstep. 

You need to shovel them off
without blinking

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