Process by Andrew Taylor

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Exposure at an unnatural level
sparked by real incident
there’s something unhealthy
…………………..about it

She has waged some up

It’s harvest time somewhere
easy to play it and Mick
takes us back to the port in 94

The unfolding in the hotel
is often the hard part more
so than the packing

It starts near the end
…………… can read
it more than one way

ensure that the projector
is working the PDF needs
to be displayed

the beauty of the handout
that stems the tide

A child gives a poet an olive
take the photo of Scott wearing
Robert’s hat walk in the rain
to Anna’s

Take comfort under the bridge
take shelter!

Take a little shelter with me

The cowboy boot wearing Irish
man perhaps eats Irwins bread

Slow cooked for a thicker crust

Luxaclair the sole way of getting
fresh air into sterility

Various shades…

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