Not brillig in Brexitland by Sheila Jacob

I am not a silent poet

Write, you bastards, urges the poet from Zaragoza

but random words collide, crash like FTSE shares

plunging off the page, zooming down a rabbit hole

where Sam Cam sits weeping, daubs me with an X.

Eat me, drink me, come to mad Nigel’s party, hunt

foreigners dozing in teapots, cart-load them home

flooding the Severn Tunnel and Spaghetti Junction.

Wales, Wales, you’ve scored the losing own goal.

Birmingham, my birth-home, I’ll fasten a bull ring

around your hard nose, show you the departing star.

London Bridge stands firm, isn’t falling for Boris

but I’m still  the wrong side of the looking glass

balancing fear in each hand, pen & paper in mouth,

trying to write by spitting through clenched teeth.

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